Fiona is a materials explorer who utilises experimental production processes to create evolving dialogues through tangible three-dimensional objects.

Her work is usually but not exclusively relative to the body and often incorporates elements of movement and interactivity. 

The cadence of every project is set by the early selection of concept and material. The rest is resolved through a very hands-on exploration process.

Fiona welcomes collaborations throughout projects. Each body of work is open-ended with the potential for further development.







Current Exhibition

Blinkered - @work Gallery, Pimlico - May 2018

Past Exhibitions

Tropezar at Designers Block - Furoisalone, Milan Design Week - April 2016

Bad Behaviour - Brixton East, Brixton - November 2014

Dialogue Collective at Sperk Stret - Bratislava - October 2014

Dialogue at Schmuck - Gallerie Hell, Munich -  March 2014

Dialogue 13 & 14 (Home & Away) at Schmuck - 84 Ghz, Munich -  March 2013

Photography by  NDR

Photography by NDR

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